Build #226 Lots of tiny fixes

Build #226 is a long list of small updates, in no particular order:

  • Various animation and material fixes (spider hunter was upside down, GiAni weapon fx was lost, red reaper did not loop correctly, Critter had non-transparent hair on its legs (eew)
  • Alliance active polls broadcast all active polls for all alliances to all players (whoops)
  • Chat message counter was broken
  • Swapped corporation and player names in alliance list (players found it confusing that playername was secondary)
  • Detection of too-old-client was broken (so it would let you log in and then act all weird)
  • Initial attack during tutorial takes too long (tried to force it to 5 seconds, not sure how well that works)
  • Avoid selecting a player owned Ruin during tutorial
  • Fixed Anarok sprite image
  • Fixed alliance name clipping (can now be twice as long as player names)
  • Inform players when they cast the tipping vote in an ongoing poll and check for available funding if it's a benefit upgrade
  • Don't let alliance members create a poll for a benefit upgrade that already has a poll
  • Let accordion buttons show current state rather than action (I.e. Block player button icon indicate if player is blocked or not, not what the button will do when pressed)
  • Fixed chat view update when switching between global and individual chats (got all collapsed)
  • Fixed clear button in chat "to" field
  • Fixed sky in intro so it better matches how the DR9 planet looks
  • Fixed battle fx audio and particle systems so that they better match the size of the battle and so that audio attenuates if you zoom out
  • Show fx on right bar button until it has been opened once (so players don't miss that there *is* a right-side bar :) ). Also shows this whenever there's a pending friend request
  • Completely replaced UI sounds and added button clicks in many places where it was missing

There's still a handful of things we need to fix from last weeks test, but we're getting there :)

Files 399 MB
Version 255 Jun 12, 2021 386 MB
Version 226 Feb 13, 2021 399 MB
Version 226 Feb 13, 2021

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