Build #228

This patch is another follow up on the issues discovered in last weeks test session, mostly fixes to voting in alliances, but also a few small but important changes:

1. The general performance "score" is now shown for all beasts, aliens and troops when you open the details view (next to the name). Hopefilly this will make it a bit easier to get a quick overview of whether or not you've assembled a large enough army for a given raid. The score is not an absolute measure of strength but gives a good hint. If an alien lander or wildlife tile has 10x your army score, you are probably going to lose :)

2. A special resource-gathering feature has been added to tiles with ruins. This allow small armies stationed in ruins to gather the resources they need to survive. Note that it only allow up to an equivalent of 100 mercenaries to live there for free - armies larger than that will still consume more food and energy than the ruin can produce.

Finally, a general tweak has been made to placement of items on the map to make them blend in a bit better.

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Version 228 Feb 15, 2021

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