Build #248

Build #248 is up along with a clean slate database...

For those who wonder, there are generally three reasons why we would want to clear the database: 

  1. It's corrupt / broken
  2. The game is over, we got our winner and it's time for a fresh start
  3. We've changed the rules enough that new and old players are effectively in different worlds

We've never had to do (1) and (2) hasn't happened because we simply have not defined an actual end-game yet.

Which leaves (3) - this happens a lot because we're still developing new features and aggressively changing things that are already there which means that over time (even fairly short time) the game becomes completely unbalanced where new players are given things the old ones didn't or old players were able to use an exploit that new players can't. 

Essentially, that's what "pre-release" means :)

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Version 248 Mar 21, 2021 399 MB
Version 248 Mar 21, 2021

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