Build #232 Battle Sound Effects

Update to battle sound effects - better audio scaling on zoom in/out, way more sound effects, better distribution of sound effects and new volume control in settings. Speaking of settings, the Settings dialog can now be opened with Escape and the volume controls actually work :)... You'll also notice that you can now opt in/out of mail notifications when various things happens in the DR9 universe.

And, not that you'll ever need it, but if you should run into a bug :), the bug-report function has been brought back (was broken because Unity updated their backend support). This is also in the Settings dialog.

Other minor changes worth mentioning is that the main base interface can now be opened for Ruins, and shows consumption data. The map has been adjusted a bit - Mountains might still be a bit aggressive after last update, but we're getting there...

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Version 232 Feb 17, 2021 399 MB
Version 232 Feb 17, 2021

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