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Mining for world domination

Welcome to 'Deep Rift 9'™ - if not for the man-sized mosquitoes, infinitely creepy spider hunters and a seemingly endless array of even nastier critters, it's fierce lightning storms and endless swamps, or the periodic hostile alien invasions, it might have been a nice place.

It's not, but at least the air is breathable. We're not here on vacation - we're here to ensure our stake in the rich mineral resources this hellhole has to offer.

You will protect and expand the assets of this mining corporation with your life - there are no rules on Deep Rift 9. Avoid confrontation if you can, make alliances if you have to, but do no hesitate to apply deadly force when needed.

Your corporation - your battle

Take the role as a commander for a mining corporation, and build your mining stations on 'Deep Rift 9'™ far away from Earth and the core systems. Fight other corporations and join in corporate alliances in order to gain planet domination.

Build spy drones to gain information about your neighbours, the planet and it's violent history as a melting pot for empires human and alien. Hire mercenaries and train troops to help overpower enemy bases and fight off the alien menace. 

Join now and start your mining corporation on 'Deep Rift 9'™.


deep-rift-9-win.zip 386 MB
Version 255 Jun 12, 2021
deep-rift-9-mac.zip 399 MB
Version 255 Jun 12, 2021

Install instructions

We strongly recommend using the itch installer to download Deep Rift 9 - if you install it manually, you will need to disable Apple Gate Keeper on Macs or the similar OS feature on Windows.

Also, the Itch App keeps the game up to date by applying patches as they are released rather than requiring complete re-downloads of the game with each new update.

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