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Deep Rift 9

Multiplayer strategy gaming on the alien world of Deep Rift 9 · By Norsedale


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Build #251
Build #251 is up - A small but important update since it fixes the ongoing issue of the area production bonus. The problem was that it was basically not calcula...
2 files — 251
Build #248
Build #248 is up along with a clean slate database... For those who wonder, there are generally three reasons why we would want to clear the database: It's corr...
2 files — 248
Build #241 and a lesson about temporary files
Build #241 is an (almost) transparent update from the clients perspective. It fixes a subtle backend issue that has probably been teasing us for a while in vari...
2 files — 237
Build #235 Test Night
Build two hundred and thirty five... Last minute tweaks before tonights game session - don't be late :)...
2 files — 235
Build #232 Battle Sound Effects
Update to battle sound effects - better audio scaling on zoom in/out, way more sound effects, better distribution of sound effects and new volume control in set...
2 files — 232
Build #228
This patch is another follow up on the issues discovered in last weeks test session, mostly fixes to voting in alliances, but also a few small but important cha...
2 files — 228
Build #226 Lots of tiny fixes
Build #226 is a long list of small updates, in no particular order: Various animation and material fixes (spider hunter was upside down, GiAni weapon fx was los...
3 files — 226
Build #227
And a quick hot-fix for things that broke in #226 Build #227 * Try to avoid empty slots in crates * Adjusted cube cost for completing job * Place SpiderHunter i...
2 files — 227
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Alliances are a bit different in DR9 compared to most other games in the genre, so let's take a closer look at how that...
started by Norsedale Dec 30, 2020
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We have been very silent for quite a while, but we have not been idle. Though a lot still needs to be integrated into th...
started by Norsedale Sep 14, 2019
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Deep Rift 9 has been in semi-public alpha for a while now - we're looking for hardcore strategy gamers who wants to be p...
started by Norsedale Jun 04, 2018
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