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Deep Rift 9

Multiplayer strategy gaming on the alien world of Deep Rift 9 · By Norsedale


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Build 152
A new server and client build is up. First of all, thanks a ton to all who helped test the game the past few weeks - we've fixed a couple of really nasty bugs...
2 files — 152
Build 151
We're experimenting a bit with different ways to render the player cities - both to make them more unique but also to provide more information "at a glance" wit...
2 files — 151
Build 150
Just uploaded build 150 which fixes a client-side issue (regression bug) that prevented ordering of landers. The build also have a couple of other minor tweaks...
2 files
Build 149
Build 149 introduces a major change to the DR9 map. The map is (and always was) procedurally generated and while great care has been taken to avoid repeating p...
2 files