Build #215

Build 215 introduces glorious crates of goodies.

Crates comes in 4 varieties of which only the first 3 are currently enabled:

  • Activity Crates are awarded while you are on-line and the timer resets as soon as you disconnect.
  • Loyalty Crates are awarded for streaks of daily logins and reset when you miss a day (why you would ever do that, is beyond us, but... :) )
  • Supply Crates can be bought with in-game currency and can get you out of a pinch by providing resources or troops immediately when you need them, but you never quite know what you're going to get.
  • Shop Crates only contain cubes and can be bought for real money once our shop opens.

The current values are just placeholders - we'll be tweaking costs and contents over the coming weeks.

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Version 215 23 days ago

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