Build 152

A new server and client build is up. 

First of all, thanks a ton to all who helped test the game the past few weeks - we've fixed a couple of really nasty bugs that would have taken a long time to find without your help :)

Secondly, we have some vacation time coming up so updates will slow down over the next 2-3 weeks - if something critical pops up we'll try to get it fixed quickly (so do let us know if you find something), but otherwise expect the next regular update sometime early/mid July.

Here's what's included in this build:

  • Fixed attack bug that would cause players to attack themselves if sending multiple attacks and the first one succeeds.
  • Fixed attack bug that would cause players to loose armies send against aliens if the alien lander was destroyed before they arrived
  •  Fixed "leave base" command so that the location properly reverts to wildlife instead of becoming a dead player owned tile
  • Added animation to Red Reaper
  • Added animation to Spider Hunter
  • Fixed firewall charge indicator in left bar (always showed 100%)
  • Fixed battleview next/previous buttons so you can once again select between multiple ongoing battles at a given location
  • Updated city texture
  • Various adjustments to fire and battle particle systems

On a side note: If you're using the app to upgrade, this is just a 7.7MB patch on Windows and a 26MB patch on Mac (No, Mac people are not getting extra content, they just have to download more to get the same ;) - it's probably down to a combination of how Unity assembles the binary and the way itch applies its patches)...

Files 332 MB
Version 152 Jun 12, 2018 336 MB
Version 152 Jun 12, 2018

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